May 5, 2009

An Investor with a bright future

Value investing is a discipline that is thoroughly practiced by very few money managers and the fact the performance of any given fund is measured quarterly while value investing is an approach that is long-term oriented.

In Canada, I have heard of very few “to the core” value investors. The most infamous of them is certainly Stephen A. Jarislowsky, who has been involved in money management for almost half a century, providing his clients with outstanding returns and at the same time becoming one of the few billionaires of the country.

The second notable value investor in Canada is Vivan Prem Watsa, the chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial, a company I have talked about in another article that can be found here and that is advantageously positioned to make a lot of money on investment income in the coming years!

Curiosity is a big plus when you want to use the value investing method and as I was going through a MoneySense magazine in 2007; I fell on an article talking about a young money manager in Toronto, named Jim Chuong, who had accomplished a compounded average rate or return of roughly 20% on his investments! I decided to take a look at his website and I was simply astonished by the amount of value investing wisdom that was available there. For the whole period he has been investing, he wrote an annual letter to his partners... pretty much like Warren Buffett did in his early days. The following graph shows how 10000$ invested with him when he began investing in 1997 would have fared compared to the S&P500:

As you can see, he did not achieve such results by sheer luck. His performance has been affected by the broad market meltdown of 2008, but it is normal, since very few managers showed positive returns for the year. If you want to learn more about him and his strategies, his website


  1. If he is so good, how come I've never heard of him?

  2. Peter,

    That's a good question... Famous investors tend to have publicity about them many years after they started.

    It took Warren Buffett 14 years of investing excellence before getting showcased in the infamous book Supermoney by George Goodman ("Adam Smith")

    Check out Jim Chuong's website on the link I provided, he managed to get interviewed by some of the best financial magazines in Canada.

    Thank you once again for your feedback


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