Mar 31, 2012

We Are Moving Our Content on May 1st 2012

In an effort to combine all pertinent financial content in a single accessible location, all future research will now be moved to a new website: Investing Consultant If you enjoy the information here, you will certainly be glad to explore the new site.

Current content on the Grahamite in Training Blog will remain available over the next month to allow for a gradual transition until May 1st, 2012 when the blog will be permanently shut down so that the research and information is only available on From now on, future articles will only be published on the new website.

All the posts that were previously on the Grahamite In Training website and many more investing and trading ideas are now available on

Thank you for following us over the past four years. We hope you will find many mroe interesting investment opportunities on the new site.

 Happy investing!

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